We spent a cold but dry Saturday evening in Durham, viewing the many light installations that make up Lumiere.
I have uploaded a few photographs from one of my favourites from this year… the telephone box, fish tank. I will be uploading more from this evening so keep checking back.
What was very amusing was the comments from people stood around it right next to us, things like:
‘It’s amazing how they got it looking so real!’ … ? and ‘Do you think those fish are real?’
my mother in law started chatting to the lady who was fascinated at ‘how they’d got it to look so real’, saying that they were real, and it was a sealed fish tank within the telephone box… the same lady replied ‘…do you think?’… and then said to her husband with a sarcastic tone ‘that lady says that they’re real!’…
This really tickled me and my mother in law ;)


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